SERENITY: 36” x 48” x 3” Acrylic on Canvas


This is Batchley’s very first painting. He stumbled across an abandoned canvas in the dumpster... MORE

FREEZE: 54” x 20” x 1” Acrylic on Canvas


Batchley’s first tryptic. The technical focus was on the texture of skin. Up close, you can see every...  MORE

INKWELL: 36” x 36” x 3” Acrylic on Canvas


This piece was Batchley’s practicum for gradients and the seamless transition from light to dark...  MORE

INTERMISSION: 36” x 36” x 3” Acrylic on Canvas


This is Batchley’s first color painting. The color palette is very limited, and plays a lot with shadows and...  MORE

MOONDUST: 55” x 27” x 4” Acrylic on Canvas


The wide dimension and depth of canvas was achieved by hand-stretching. Batchley played a lot with house-hold...  MORE

Eye of Providence: 60” X 48” Acrylic on Canvas.


I used a mixture of titanium white and an opalescent additive to create a shimmery effect in the highlights. MORE

REBIRTH: 48" X 60" X 4" Acrylic on Canvas


Rebirth explores the varying properties of water and its effect on human skin. Sometimes slow like molasses and sometimes explosive and shiny, the way water moves and morphs can tell a story  as unique as the skin onto which it collides.  MORE